Bali is an island, and it’s got an international airport located at Denpasar. Upon arrival, your airport will be fully handled by the staff at our luxury villa and by me, but it’s still your job to get yourself to Bali!

To get the best rates, book your flight as soon as you’re registered.

Here we’ve included some Travel Protips, especially good if you’re coming from North America.
If you’re already in Asia, then check this budget airline for fares to Denpasar.


Protip #1: Find a Transit City

It can often be cheaper to fly to a major hub near Denpasar, and then transfer via a “puddle jumper” flight to Bali.

Check routes via Asia hubs to transit to Bali – Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo. From these hubs, you can get low cost airlines searching separate legs via AirAsia or national airlines. You can even spend a day or more in these transit cities!

Protip #2: Open Jaw Travels

If your itinerary is flexible, try checking for “open jaw” flight options. This means you book at one time, but with the “multi-city” option, i.e. San Francisco to Kuala Lumpur in June, then back from Bangkok to San Francisco in July. These options can be about the same price as a round trip San Franciso to Kuala Lumpur flight, or sometimes less. After booking a flight to your hub (i.e., Kuala Lumpur) you’ll need to find separate “puddle jumper” flights via AirAsia or national airlines from Kuala Lumpur to Bali, and Bali to Bangkok.

Protip #3: Frequent Flyer Miles

Don’t forget to check your miles! If you have a stash already and just need a little bump to push you towards a redemption, check out Million Mile Secrets for tips on getting more rewards quickly.

Ask Us!

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